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6 Easy Steps To Become A Franchisee


6 Easy steps to becoming your own boss!

Read through our 6 easy steps to find out how you could quickly be on your way to running your own Cupcake Charlie's business. In a matter of a couple of months you could be a part of our fast-paced, growing cupcake company known for top-quality cupcakes and customer service!

1. Talk with a Representative

So you are interested in learning more about our Cupcake Charlie's Franchise System? That is great news and we could not be more excited to talk with you! Please email us at franchise@cupcakecharlies.com and provide all of your contact details as well as your location area of interest. One of our Franchise representatives will either respond to you via email, or with a phone call to talk a little more in-depth about what is involved and how to get the process started!

2. Complete the Franchise Evaluation Form

After we have discussed your interests, what we are offering, and answered some of your preliminary questions, you will be asked to complete our short franchise evaluation form. This form is intended to collect general background and basic financial information from you. You can expect to see questions regarding everything from why you are interested in a cupcake franchise, to what your total household income is. This information remains private and helps us to evaluate you as the perfect franchisee!

3. Become Financially Pre-Qualified

Of course, like with any type of business venture, you must be financially qualified. We will look at your current assets and financing options, and talk with you to help determine if our franchise program is right for your individual situation. Our professional franchise representatives are trained to make this process quick and easy to understand.

4. Receive and Review Disclosure Documents

So . . . you've got the dough, now we're ready to go! We will send an electronic copy of our franchise disclosure documents for your review. Take your time to read it over and become familiar with all that our franchise system consists of. Also feel free to have your attorney review these documents. We available and happy to answer any questions that you may have.

5. Attend Discovery Meeting

Now it is time to put a face to the names! We will get together at one of our 4 shop locations and get to know one another a little better! While at the shop, we will take you on a tour and give you a "taste" of how things work. You will get a little behind the scenes glimpse at what owning and operating your own successful cupcake shop looks like. This is when the real fun begins!

6. Execute Contract

At this point, we have determined that you are financially qualified, and we have determined that you are a good candidate with like-minded ideals. So - If you love what you saw, can't wait to bake our award winning cupcakes, and are ready to create your own career success... then it's as simple as signing on the dotted line! We are ready to rock and roll! (or bake and decorate) All of us at Cupcake Charlie's couldn't be happier to have you join our family! Now together, we will secure your shop location, get moving on your build-out, and start your cupcake training. Ready...set...bake!