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Background Needed • Your Commitment

Background Needed

To be a successful Cupcake Charlie's franchisee, you should have an affinity for baking, a passion for business ownership, a need to succeed, and of course, a love for spreading happiness with delicious, sweet treats! Business or management experience will certainly be beneficial when owning and running your Cupcake Charlie’s franchise, but is not a requirement for ownership. We have been baking and operating this business for 6 years now, and we, along with our dedicated staff, will provide you with extensive training that will cover everything you need to know to start, open, and run a successful Cupcake Charlie's franchise. Although no official culinary background is necessary, a strong work ethic and a little cupcake commitment will truly help you thrive!

Your Commitment

The initial investment for the franchise will vary for every franchisee based on the location, the size and condition of your leased space, lease terms, contractor pricing in your area, and several other variables within your strategic area’s market. Based on our experience, you should be prepared to invest a minimum of approximately $199,250. This amount includes your one-time franchise fee and can be all cash, or a combination of cash, credit and financing.

We are looking for like-minded and committed individuals who are ready to be owner operators of their Cupcake Charlie's franchise. Our proven successful business model encourages franchisees to have a committed, in-shop, hands-on approach. We are looking for partners that are willing to work hard and do what it takes to meet with success. Experiencing the day to day operations, the daily demands of the industry, leading your new staff by example, and managing all aspects of the business are the steps necessary to grow and sustain your business. These ideals will help you to nurture an efficient, thriving, trustworthy work environment for you and your staff. In our experience, we have found that this dedication and commitment to your new business can pay-off beyond your dreams. Our four privately owned shops are a true testament to this!

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