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Are you looking for the opportunity to own a business and create your own success? You can enjoy workplace happiness by establishing career freedom when you become your own boss!

Opening a Cupcake Charlie’s franchise may be the perfect fit for you. Cupcake Charlie’s gourmet cupcakes are baked fresh daily in a fun, open-kitchen, family friendly environment. Your customers will fall instantly in love with our sweet and tempting aromas! We have a true passion for baking, we pride ourselves in our "above and beyond" customer service approach and our time-tested expertise and quality products have won us numerous accolades, including the title of “New England’s Best Cupcakes”!

Today, our growing business and unparalleled product quality, help us to stand above the rest! We are both eager and excited to continue to grow the strength of our brand and spread the Cupcake Charlie's love nationwide!

Our Story

Cupcake Charlie’s is a "dream-come-true" business that we first opened in the Summer of 2008 on Cape Cod. We worked together in Real Estate prior to opening our successful and lucrative gourmet cupcake business. When the housing market took a turn for the worse, we saw an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We have always worked great together as a team and are entrepreneurs at heart! Following our dreams of baking quality products and deciding to open our own bakery business, was a very easy decision for us. We are both self-taught bakers and our belief is, that if you have a passion for something and you work hard, good things will happen and success will come knocking at your door!

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